2018 General Rules and Regulations

    1. Please register with the tournament convenor at arena office at least 30-45 minutes prior to your first game and present your CHA stamped cards or roster. Only rostered and approved affiliated players are eligible to play.
    2. The maximum number of players to be dressed for each game is 20, this includes two goalies. Affiliated players will be accepted anytime during the tournament. Any team found with ineligible players participating in a game will be disqualified from the tournament.
      (Note: Games won by a disqualified team will be considered a win for the opposing team at a score of 1–0)
    3. All teams must be ready to play their games at least 15 minutes in advance of the scheduled time.
    4. All teams shall bring two sets of uniforms. The VISITING team will wear LIGHT jerseys and the HOME team will wear DARK jersey.
    5. The tournament officials will settle any dispute arising from the interpretation of the tournament rules. All decisions are final and no protests are allowed.
    6. In all age categories points will be awarded as follows in round-robin play:
      WIN – 2 Points LOSS – 0 Points TIE – 1 Point
    7. Player suspensions for various infractions will be administered as per MINOR HOCKEY ALLIANCE RULES. Any team permitting a player to participate in a game that he/she is suspended or ineligible will automatically forfeit the game 1-0.
    8. All CHA and Alliance Rules will apply plus.
    9. Mouth guards are recommended but not mandatory for Canadian Players. Non-Clear Internal Mouthpiece required for all US Players
    10. All Players are required to wear Neck Guards. USA Hockey rules do not mandate the wearing of neck guards.

Game Times and Procedures

Game sheets will not have to be signed by the individual player but each team is responsible for having available their approved player cards or rosters. Coaching staff are to sign electronic game sheet prior to start of game. Game times will not be changed once game has started. Please make sure all players and coaches are listed on the game sheet. All games will be 3 periods of 10/15/15 stop time.

Ice will be flooded prior to each game. Be prepared to play 15 minutes prior to your game time as we will play in advance of the schedule time when possible.

A 3-minute warm-up will be permitted at the start of each game.
• The time clock will be run on straight time during the third period when the goal differential is 5 or more. Penalties will be also run on straight time during this scenario. Clock will continue at straight time until conclusion of game.
• There will be no curfew but due to availability of ice, Tournament Convenor reserves the right to curfew games prior to their commencement.

Tournament Headquarters

Scores will be posted at the following locations and online at www.londonjuniorknights.com

WESTERN FAIR 519-438-7203 x 347

MINOR ATOM – The top 2 team in each division and 2 Wildcards will advance to ¼ Finals
ATOM – The Top 2 teams in each division will advance to ¼ Finals

Teams will be seeding according to overall record. Seeding will be adjusted if possible to avoid teams playing a team which they had previously played in Round Robin play.

Tie Breaking Formula

In the case of ties within each age category, the following procedures will be used:
A) If 2 teams are tied in points after round-robin games and one has a win over the other, the team with the win will advance. If teams tied during round-robin play the team with the highest percentage will advance.
B) If 3 or 4 teams are tied in points after round-robin play. First tie breaker will be points for games between tied teams only. If still tied the team(s) with the higher percentage, will advance. If any step in the tiebreaker only seeds one team, that teams assumes that position. The 3-4 team tie breaker will continue to determine the seeding of the remaining teams. At no time will teams using this formula go back to a 2-team tie breaker.

NOTE: – All games are included
Example – Goals for 10, Goals Against 4
Percentage – 10/10+4 = .714

If a tie still exists in A or B above: Ties will be broken in the following order:
a) If still tied the team with least goals against will advance.
b) If still tied the team with the most goals for will advance
c) If still tied team which won, the most periods in all games played will advance
d) If still tied the team(s) with the least number of penalty minutes will advance.
e) If still tied tournament officials will decide on the advancing team(s) through a coin flip.

Play Off and Championship Games

All games will be 3 periods of 10/15/15 stop time. The Higher seeded team will be the Home team. Tied playoff games will be decided in sudden victory 4 on 4 overtime. Overtime period will be 10 minutes in duration. Teams receiving a penalty in overtime will play one-man short. If a team receives a 2nd penalty the other team will add one player until first whistle after a penalty has expired.
If still tied after a 10 minutes OT a shoot-out will take place to break the tie. Coaches will select 3 players to shoot. If still tied after 3 shooters, coaches will select 1 shooter and the shoot-out will be sudden death from that point on. The teams must choose different shooters until all players have had a chance to shoot. NOTE: Any player serving a penalty that has not expired at the end of the overtime period is ineligible to participate in the shoot-out.